DaVinci 30. The all-rounder


This sporty and timelessly designed yacht takes you anywhere you want. From the lakes and rivers to the beautiful coastal waters and islands. This very modern ship with classic looks has everything for a pleasant experience with your family or circle of friends. The efficient design of the underwater ship by our Vripack experts makes it stable, fast and easy to manoeuvre by anyone. The many details and a wide variety of design options will make it your own yacht. The use of low-maintenance materials and our endless service will definitely contribute to a truly carefree experience.

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DaVinci 32 S. Speedster in style


Imagine a beautiful convertible. The wind through your hair and the rich feeling of freedom. With 30 knots to a fine restaurant across the lake, of course mooring as a professional. After a delicious dinner, one for the road aboard ship and possibly to stay sleeping in the luxury fore cabin. Traveling in the lap of luxury, enjoying the outdoors. The DaVinci 32 S: truly a head-turner.

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DaVinci 35 E. A wolf in sheep’s clothing


With its classic lines, this yacht performs great in every field. Excellent for going out for a longer time with your whole family or just an hour of sailing to see that special sun set. It is all possible with this semi-custom yacht, built using low-maintenance materials and equipped with the latest technical equipment. You have countless options and possibilities to tailor this yacht to your wishes and make it suitable for your sailing area. We take yachting an step further to make it an unforgettable experience for you to build a ship with us. Consider this as an invitation.

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You can find our collection of Classics here

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