This gorgeous Vripack design dates back to 2001. The 29 was a logical successor to an earlier boat which lacked a number of things, such as a head, a galley, the capacity to sail comfortably in bad weather and overnight accommodation under a real roof instead of a tent. The Da Vinci 29 amply fulfils all these requirements, and remains popular when sold as a pre-owned vessel. The 29 is a beautifully lined halfglider which sails at a speed of up to 18 knots. She was and remains both quirky and distinctive.
The hull of the 29 was so popular, not least in terms of its lines, that we created one without a superstructure – a real tender, tough, fast and comfortable. It contains a two-person berth forward and even a head. An outdoor galley is an option. The model is a smooth and silent halfglider with an engine of around 160 hp, offering speeds of up to 20 knots.
The 32 was our response to those owners who found the 29 a little too small to use for long holidays with four people. The first 32, built for Vripack founder Dick Boon in 2003, is still proudly sailing the Frisian lakes today. The Da Vinci 32 Classic has a characteristic stern with two ‘cheeks’ and is a real triumph of craftsmanship. The length and beam permit plenty of headroom and good-sized side-decks. Several of the yachts feature an aft cabin with two spacious berths. Many also pack a propulsion punch with speeds of up to 18 knots.
The 32 prompted a demand for the same vessel but with a more modern feel (the 32 has very classic lines, with a distinctive forecastle deck amidships). The 34 has a longer hull and a flat deck. In addition, the so-called aft ‘cheeks’ were exchanged for a straight stern, and the swimming platform was enlarged. The 34 remains very popular and we still build a number of them every year.
This awesome 38-footer is the pride of the current fleet. It is a powerful vessel with an excellent sailing performance and CE category B certification suited for more open waters. Owners have roamed the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia, and have sailed from St Petersburg to England and back. They all confirm that the Da Vinci 38 Classic sails superbly on the open water, including in bad weather. The yacht has room for two enclosed cabins, a separate shower and toilet, and a very spacious outdoor galley. It is available in both a hardtop and a convertible version. So far the boats have been built in wood-epoxy and there are advanced plans for a polyester version in the new style.